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Any updates on overall state of Winni salmon and trout fishing

Hi All,

From reading some of the posts on this forum it seems Winni is still struggling to recover from the salmon crash. We do a father son trip every year for the spring Winni derby, and after last year we are questioning whether the investment is worth it? We only marked a few fish the entire weekend, and when compared with the derby two years before we were marking and catching fish very consistently.

Sad and frustrating to see the lake in this condition. Hoping the money keeps flowing to rebuild this fishery!

Any updates would be appreciated.


Re: Any updates on overall state of Winni salmon and trout fishing

The fished stocked in the spring of 2021 were the largest fish ever stocked (at least in my 60 year lifetime) in Winni. I believe it was 4-6 fish per pound! These 1 year old fish that were caught towards the end of the 2021 season showed great signs of growth and health. Still trying to figure out what happened in 2020 as the stocked fish were of good size but hardly any were caught either late in the 2020 season or during the 2021 season…fish and game is being quiet about it to. I personally feel these fish had some disease when stocked and very few if any survived.

The Nashua Federal Hatchery has been responsible for raising the salmon for the past couple years and they have proven to have the ability to raise large healthy salmon.

In my opinion, the 2022 fishing season will be slightly better than last year but still quite slow. Those large 6 year olds that were being caught last season will mostly be gone and we will have to rely on the upcoming two year old that were stocked last year for your salmon fix.

It’s still going to be a couple more years before we see salmon fishing in the big lake come back to where it once was…until then proper catch and release is more important now than ever.

I also really wish that the spring derby targeted lake trout as the prize instead of salmon until they have made a rebound!

Happy New Year!