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their are salmon in newfound!!!!!!!!!!

fished newfy thru morning 9 to 12 first time with my new boat all geared up.fished the north end today in the wind did not mark many fish at all. water temp 41.2 was the warmest i found with most of the lake still in the high 30's.running my new mag 10's any where from 8' to 45' feet going 1 to 2.25 mph with new trolling plate. also still learning how to use my new lowrance lms 480 gps/sonar which is incredible compared to my old eagle WOW what a differance. any way gave up on the salmon at 11:00. went for lake trout 71 sutton and 22 gold sutton at 28' in 32' of water with no luck went to leave at noon popped one rod and the other rod popped too FISH ON 22" salmon tail walking all over the place. 71 sutton at 28' in 30' of water at 1 mph ???????????? also if any you guys ever fish newfound give my a shout on channel 12 or 14 my boat is white with blue canvas 19' campion explorer

Re: their are salmon in newfound!!!!!!!!!!

I'm thinking about buying the Lowrance LMS 480.

Does that unit have an internal or external antenna?

I can't see mounting an external on a 17.5ft Tracker


Re: Re: their are salmon in newfound!!!!!!!!!!

external but it is not that big i mounted it behind the unit and shoots thru windshield i still need to get a chip for it but i love the unit itself also look at the ram mounts that mount both together.