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Fishing alone?

Do any of you troll alone with downriggers? If so, what pointers can you give me for operating the boat and controlling the riggers, etc. What do you do when you get a fish on? Kind of hard to man the wheel (which is inside a full enclosure on my boat) and fight a fish. Do you pull up both riggers (electric)and then idle the engine or what.
If I'm just looking for trouble trying to fish alone... be honest.
I just know there will be days like tomorrow when I will not have someone to go with. I hate to be stuck jigging if there are ways around it.
Maybe I'm just too gungho and should just sleep in?
Thanks for any opinions you can throw at me...

Re: Fishing alone?

Invite someone from this forum to go with you. :)

Now, what time are we going? Ha ha.

Be safe when going alone whatever you do.


Re: Fishing alone?

The boat will always turn to the side in which you are standing on, therefore when setting your left dowrigger have your boat heading a bit to the right from where you wish to be heading and when setting the left aim to the right! Fight the fish in the center and move to the side you wish to turn when you start heading off course! Fished a million times alone and this seems to help. If its windy forget it and do rapid 360's!!! Good Luck, A.J. (Salmonitis)

AJ or Travis... what do ya think about this...

You know... BrianF has something there... maybe we could have some sort of list in the left hand column of guys that would be up for some company. It would give us a chance to get emails directly to those interested... Not only would it be safer and easier, but with the rising gas costs it would be cheaper to share expenses. Whatdya say Salmonitis or Travis? I don't mind compiling a list and then sending it to you, if it would make it happen. Maybe people that were interested could submit a list of things like their location, preferred launch, expected times to fish, whether they have a boat license or not, age range they want to fish with (if they feel it matters), what terms they set for people aboard their boat, or even if they have a boat or are just looking to experience the joy of fishing from a boat... etc.
I, for one, would have no problem sharing my boat with guys that don't have access to one. God knows there have been days when I didn't have a boat (couldn't afford to charter) and wished someone would invite me.
I think this would be a great way for us all to create new friendships and learn new techniques.
Just a thought... and honestly, I would be happy to help make this a reality.

Re: AJ or Travis... what do ya think about this...

I have problems alone too, especially with my boat, it's a 26' foot Pontoon boat with a full enclosure from the Captains chair back.

I had a day from hell yesterday (see my Squam report above when I post it later this morning)

What you say is true, many times I have thought of asking people from the group if they wanted to come along and the "retired fishing partner" group has worked out for a few so far. However, I'm reluctant to invite some along to fish with me on Squam as it is so unpredictable. Sure I've caught allot of realy big Salmon over the past few years there. But there is never allot of "action" on Squam and I mean never, a "super" day is maybe 6 or 8 fish. Because of that I hold back from inviting others, unless I know they are real die hards looking to see a beautifull lake and maybe catch 1 or 2 Salmon probably with some size.

Every so often I read a post and feel a particular person might enjoy a day on Squam and I say to myself, "maybe I should invite that guy along ?" butmost times there is no e mail address listed

I'm not sure how you would do what you propose, but its a great idea, but in the meantime just putting a return e mail address on everyone's post would be a start so that you can be contacted in private.

Squam will remain a tough Lake for a few more years, maybe forever, it's sort of planned that way. So I'm not sure how many people I would dare to invite along, but for Winnie and some other lakes, it's a super idea ?

We have allot of guys (and gals) out here that could up with good ideas, let's hear it folks.

By the way, I corresponded with Adrien a few times back a couple of years ago asking him allot of questions. Then one night he gave me a call and invited me along to fish, I jumped at the oppertunity and we have been very good friends ever since. So your idea can "spawn" some new friendships. Adrien is not the only "new" frend I have made from the message list, it's just that that friendship was as a result of a fishing invitation.. Travis and I became good friends too by fishing together and I expect new friendships will come along as well..

John S

Re: Re: AJ or Travis... what do ya think about this...

Hey Guys, That sounds like a good idea, I hear ya John I can't recall how many times me and my buddy Rob have gone to Winni and not caught anything at all not even a hit LOL two yrs ago before i got hurt when we went to the derby, we fished "Hard" for 3 days got one baby salmon about 12" the only other big thing i caught that year was another guys two lines on his downrigger with my leadcore, funny thing was he got too close and my leadcore set off both of his downriggers LOL He thought he had doubles but only ended up with 1/2 my lead, and all my mono LOL I would be willing to say that me and my Buddy Robert are the absulute definition of "Diehard's" even though we may not get a hit we keep giving them hell LOL The way i look at it even though I'm not catching any fish I am with a friend on a beautiful lake (sometimes LOL) enjoying each other's company and this may sound weird but i also find it very Relaxing, I have also met many wonderful people on here and this site is like an addiction to me i must visit it 10 x a day LOL If something like this should come to fruitation let me know i would love to help out with the list, Take Care and God Bless And Tight Lines Dave!!!!

Re: AJ or Travis... what do ya think about this...

The People have spoken, consider it done!
A.J. (Salmonitis)

Re: Re: Just Like Alway's A.J. Taking care of Us!! As Usual "Great Job"

As usual A.J., Always taking care of the Fishlakewinni.com faithful!!!!!!!! Keep us the great work!!!!!!!!! Take Care God Bless and Tight Lines Dave!!!

Re: Re: Fishing alone?

Call me,Jack McGinnis @524 8438. I'm retired and can fish almost anytime. Ihave a boat also but often I'm looking for someone to fih with.

Re: Re: Re: Fishing alone?

Jack I just emailed you information in regard to joining our RFP (Retired Fishing Group).

Re: Re: Re: Re: Fishing alone?

I'm Not retired but i would Jump at the chance and Love to go out with any one of you guys to learn from some of the "Master's" I met Hal at the Gathering (God Can't wait for the next get together so i can meet more people LOL) and am almost done reading his "Excellent Book" and can't wait to see the Video!!!!!!!!! Take Care God Bless and Tight Lines to all of you!!!!!!! Dave!!

Re: Fishing alone?

Couple things. I would not pull up the other rigger. Leave it down. In fact, if you can drop it do so of course depnding on your depth. 9 times out of 10 salmon will come up so they should clear your lines, particularly if you only have two out there. If its spring and your fishing close to the surface, thats when you can drop the other one.

As far as idling, I wouldn't do it. You'll maintain better boat control if you keep trolling and while your scrambling to adjust the other rigger, it keeps some pressure on the fish. If you hrow it in idle, you have a much better chance of loosing the fish b/c the hook can fall out.

One other thing; if there is wind, as soon as you get a fish on turn the boat down wind. It will steer its self much better. Then you can shift your weight side to side to control it.

Have fun!

Fishing alone and Friday evening report

Great idea with gas so costly to share and also a way to learn new techniques from others!

Yes! Our retired "old fogies" group, formed at the gathering, is now doing this and the fellowship is great! We're having a fishing "armada" of several boats fishing together on May 3.

I've been away in MA all week working on the Master Angler DVDs. But came back last night for the last hour of fishing. Caught one nice salmon on a pink & tiger Top Gun trolled with 4 colors of 12 lb lead core.

I'm moving out to Bear Island this week!

Good luck!


John's right...

Yes, John, I agree with what you're saying. It definitely makes it easier if you have a email address to send comments/questions direct to someone rather than over the message board. I always attach my email (above) so that anyone can write me. I look forward to receiving fishing related emails...
Secondly, if this list was to come to fruition I do believe you bring up another question we'd have to ask eachother... what are your honest expectations of an enjoyable day? (To me, its more about camaraderie and the CHANCE of landing a whopper. I don't eat fish often, so more than likely if I caught one, I'd throw it back anyways.) But yes, I see your point... I'd hate to be out fishing with someone that gets mad when the fish don't bite. That would ruin it for me.
Anyways, if this "list" doesn't work out I want everyone to know that all of you are welcome to email me for anything. Just remember, I'm a rookie when it comes to heavy duty trolling, so don't have expectations of nailing a dozen fish with my knowledge...hehe. But I do guarantee I'm gonna do my best.
Good luck to all... hope to meet many of you on the water. (I'm going to be getting vinyl for the boat lettering soon, so you'll know who I am.)
Craig Butler

Re: John's right...

Hey Slipnot, i gotta an idea for the name of your boat!!!!!!! Where as it says dixie on it you could call it the "Winni Dixie"!!!!!! LOL Just a suggestion Take Care and God Bless, I'm not sure if we are going fishing tommorrow or not I've got to work for the student Senate at a dinner dance tonight but we may still be going (God i hope so, be one of those trips where i don't sleep at all But who care's if i can go FISHING LOL) I've still got your cell # so I'll give ya a call tommorrow and let ya know ok? Take Care and God Bless and Tight Lines Dave!!!

Re: Re: John's right...

Just give me a call one way or the other... probably won't be back in NH til 10 or so...
Winni Dixie has a ring to it, but I've already decided to stick with Slipknot. I figure more people will know who it is that way.
Talk to ya soon.

Re: Re: Re: John's right...

Even if we don't go fishing, I will still bring you the canvases back as i know you have other people who are interested and want to look at them Again Thank You and have a nice trip!!!!!! Take Care God Bless and Tight Lines Dave!!

Something to be said about solitude and fishing.

As mentioned by many, we all agree fishing alone normaly stinks.

But after thinking about it, I can remember a few very pleasent/peacefull days, being out on the Lake, alone. Some good fishing days and some bad, but solitude and fishing do go hand in hand sometimes.

I really think that's one of the reasons I've allways loved it so much. But a few extra helping hands most times, is allways welcome with this type fishing. But I'm sure there are many still that enjoy and perhaps prefer to fish alone.

John S.

Re: Something to be said about solitude and fishing.

I fish alone about as often as with someone else - with the [rice of gas and a near 80 mile drive to get to the lake I would love to hook up with someone. I pretty much prescribe to the Fishing way of life as ooposed to the Catching way of life, at least most days. I have never had a day on the wtaer that I didn't enjoy. I am 51, non smoke, non drinker, but may shoot imaginary guns at the ducks and geese as they fly over. Oh yeah, I giggle and holler when I get a good fish on. Put me on the list AJ!
Throbbin Rods

Re: Re: Something to be said about solitude and fishing.

Don't feel bad throbbin rods, A usual trip down to winni with the price of gas now ends up costing just around 60-100$ Me and my buddy Robert always go 1/2 on the gas, other then that the boat would probably be sitting there LOL, but as bad as i have salmon fever this year i probably would've taken a loan out just for money to go fishing LOL Where ya coming from? we come from way up thar in Berlin N H Take Care God Bless and Tight Lines Dave!!

Re: Re: Re: Something to be said about solitude and fishing.

I'm in. I have a 16.5 Sea Nymph with a 15HP Johnson that trolls down real slow.I am always looking for someone to go with. I have a place in Ossipee and it's only a 1/2 hour to Wolfeboro for me. I take out the center seat and put a nice Adirondack chair facing the back, so it's pretty comfortable. Next time I go, I will let you guys know.Anyone is welcome.