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Re: Re: Re: Re: boat launch

The following site gives a list of Boat Launches on Winni. http://www.bizer.com/

Much Needed State Ramp

The state should take some of the land at Ellecoya State Park and make a nice access ramp. They have plenty of space. I just don't understand why this can't happen?

Re: Much Needed State Ramp

I understand that a state ramp for Winnie is in the designing stages, but with the politics involved and the snails pace the government moves at, it will still be a few years away.

Re: Re: Much Needed State Ramp

Who did you here that from? Did they give a location ? That would be totally awesome if in fact it is true !!!

Re: Re: Re: Much Needed State Ramp

I can't believe there is no State ramp at Winnie yet..

Squam has one of the best ramps and parking facilities I've ever seen, but prior to that the
the old ramp was the only game in town and it was brutal with no parking to speak of. The old money at Squam (and theres allot of that) fought it tooth and nail, the state put it there anyhow.

I understand Winnesquam is putting a badly needed one in as well.

I guess they don't feel there is a big enough need with all the pay for launching ramps available all over the Lake. The gluttons will soon price them selfs out of the business, I think 20.00 is outrageous, then some charge for parking on top of that.

The State and the Fish and Game, etc. do allot for the economy of Winne area, I'm sure there will be one soon in the planning, if not allready.

You have a good Fish and Game in NH, they wont let you down, I'm sure they will do everything in thier power to help get a facility. And they do have some clought.

Reminds me of a story, the Fish and Game was looking to buy some land on Squam for something, can't remember exactly what. At any rate when certain peoiple that oppsed it founf out they came up with a "huge sum of money" in a matter of a couple of hours to buy it out from under the state.

But if the state has the land, I'm sure you will get one, it's too important an area to neglect.

Just my .02 worth, I hope I'm right..

John S.