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I,m looking for a little help with my marine radio. All we're getting for reception is line of site, and I'm convinced it's do to a poor quality antenna. Any thoughts?

Re: Antennas

Need more info; what do you have for an Antenna; 3ft, 8ft, radio; fixed or handheld, boat, where mounted on the boat. Can you transmit, how far? Can you receive the weather channels? You may have corroded connectors or a broken antenna wire.

The RF horizon (miles) for a transmit and receive antennas is: = 1.42 X sqrt(Tx antenna height (ft)) + 1.42 X sqrt(Rx antenna height (ft)). For two antennas (Tx and Rx) that are 10 ft. off the water then, the RF horizon is 9 miles.

Re: Re: Antennas

Hi Gus, We have a Ray Marine 48 solid mounted on the dash with a 4' wire antenna. The unit is only a year old and has never seen salt water. We were fishing Wolfeboro saturday and could barely reach a boat that was at Ship Island, about three miles I would say. We do not get the weather channels that we should.

Re: Re: Re: Antennas

Mike, My Buddy Robert has a big 8 foot antenna on his boat and last monday while we where in ctr harbor i was talking to A.J. over in Meredith Bay, when i used to drive truck i never had any luck with those 4 footers, Im a Rookie so this is only my opinion, For example today i was talking to Laker Taker he was over by Harillas and we where in Ctr. Harbor and 1 mile/2 mile and i could hear him plane as day. Take Care God Bless and Tight Lines Dave!!

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Thanks Dave, You know it always seems to be the size of my antenna that holds me back. Do you or anyone else have any recomendations for brand and or model of antenna that will help us out?

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Ask Travis, or pretty much anyone on here I'm not exactly sure what type my buddy has but it does work great!!!!!! Take Care God Bless Tight Lines and Good Luck, Dave!!

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You should have been able to comm. with some one near Ship Is with a 4'. Check for corrosion and for a shorted center conductor to the shell. Make sure that you have the output power setting to 25 watts.

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Shakespere Galaxy 8 footer is one of the best and costs about $150 but i have communicated with others from center harbor to mouth of alton bay with it. My antenna is mounted to my roof and the tip is a total of about 14 feet off the water maybe 16. A good connection from your antenna wire to your connector plug is important. There are 2 you can get and they are easy to put on. 1 requires solder and the other is a pinch on. I know this may sound funny but i do better with the pinch on than the solder on. Grab 1 at a west marine, cut off your old 1 and follow directions for new 1 it is an easy way and cheap to check for a possible easy fix. I was having trouble and i did this and it was night and day i gained about 10 miles.

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it's most likely your connection. i only have a 3' stainless whip right now and it's not even mounted in the new boat. right now it's laying down next to the drivers seat but could hear dave in center harbor today load and clear from harilla's ( not drilling any holes in the new boat until new 8' antenna arrives)

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I thank you all for the tips.