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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Swivels or no Swivels????? Please help

Thanks I appreciate the help

Re: Swivels or no Swivels????? Please help

Some guys (Adrien for one) tie a knot as fast as you can spit, not me and when I tie a knot it's not allways a good one.

It's allways been considered a "no-no" to use a swivel clip directly to a lure but rather tie on direct with a barrel swivel back a few feet to as may as 10 feet to prevent line twist and to attach to your main line..

What I do us take off the split ring and use Norman Speed Clips direct from my leader to the Spoons. From Cabelas Norman Speed Clips: IG-110226 (pack of 50)cheap, very easy and fast and we catch Salmon, many up to just shy of 6 pounds.

I do this on all my spoons except Suttons, the eye is to far back on the Sutton to use these clips direct, you have to leave the welded ring on..

Streamers can only be tied direct as far as I know.

John S.