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Re: Re: Questions/Answers

Called them and they don't have it, I thought I had one laying around too, but can't find it, Beem calling Lowrance, however you could reach the White House easier on Monday.

I'll work it out, thanks.

John S.

Re: Re: Questions/Answers

It's just a standard transom mount I have a Pontoon Boat, it goes on a bracket off the back of the Pontoon. I still can't reach Lowrance so if anyone up that way has one, I'm coming up to Winnie tomorrow (I think) and actualy Travis thinks he might have one.

So if I come up I can get everything together drop it of at the Marina and give them the OK to pull her.

Jason from Paugus has a trolling plate he's going to give to Travis today for me and the only other thing I will need is the **** little bracket. I should have called Lowrance when I noticed they didn't send it, but as it was free I didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Now I want to call them and order one and the phone has been busy all afternoon, Monday's are a tough day to reach them, but when you get them they are really good..

Oh well, it can wait a few days longer.

John S.

Re: Questions/Answers

John, you should have seen a bottom dweller by now.

On my C-19, my sensitivity is at 99%, which gives me clutter at the top, but real nice echos down below. When I'm on Crystal, my sensitivity runs about 93%, I thinks its because the lake is clear. In Winny, I see great signals, just have to turn my sensitivity way up. If I run it the same as when I'm on Crystal, I don't see nahda for signals.
Are you seeing any straight lines? What does it look like with all your electronics off,motor and all, just your fishfinder on floating??


Re: Re: Questions/Answers

Well, I was seeing straight lines at an angle originally, I think they were fish ??? I adjusted it and now it seems I get like dots and all kinds of garbage. I've adjusted it for hours on end and can't seem to make any difference. Otherwise it seems to be working perfectly.

This is an old Ducer that I'm running with a new unit, totaly compatible according to Lowrance, they sent me a new one and recomended we run them side by side, they also sent a switch box. It will be interesting when we get them both set up and adjusted correctly. Trying to get all the poieces together so I can have it all done at he same time and only have to pay to have the boat in and out once.

Note to others, "never buy a boat without a trailer" I probably could have fixed this problem (and other minor stuff) in a heartbeat if I could pull her out now and then.

John S.

Re: Re: Re: Questions/Answers

Were those straight line you saw on your unit while you were still or drifting? What I do each year is put a level on my waterline stain on the boat and mark the level where the bubble is,then move to the transducer,put the level on the bottom of it and adjust as necessary to the marked bubble location on the level.then your ducer will be parralel to the water's surface.Just a thought

Re: Re: Re: Re: Questions/Answers

This is what Lowrance told me to do, the boats coming out this week and we will make sure it's adjusted right and add a 2nd Ducer with the switch box.

All I need to do is locate another Ducer bracket.


John S.

Re: Questions/Answers

John, I actually have an extra. I mounted a transducer on my electric trolling motor and don't need the transom mount that came with it.

Not sure what transducer you have or if this will work but if it is an external mount I think they are generally all the same.

You welcome to it if you want it. I'll be up on Winni on Saturday in Center harbor. There is a small chance that I will be up that way either Thursday or Friday as well.

Here is a image of what it looks like:

Regarding your 1st question relating to what you are seeing or in your case not and you may have already been told this but the position of where you mount the transducer is critical. It should not be completely below the transom nor above it. It sounds like it may be too high? Just a guess.


Re: Re: Questions/Answers

That's the baby, I just sent you an e mail in private.

What a web site, if you need help or anything for your boat, etc. you can find it here. I've been looking for one for two days, plenty of places wou;ld send it to me with a new ducer, no thanks. And Lowrance has an unsually high call volume the past two days.

Fisklakewinni.com comes through again.

John S.