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Re: Re: Re: Rods and tackle for sale

Dave, If your going to be a fisherman I'm afraid she'll have to get used to it. (My wife has, and I've been married 44 years and have been fishing longer than that. lol)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Should have seen her face tonight LOL

Hey Salty, LOL You should have seen her face tonight, where i go to physical therapy I'm good friends with the secretary, her husband had 3 flat bottom boats, i asked her if he would be interested in selling one of them, she called him and he asked if i had an old riding lawn mower that i wanted to get rid of, didn't matter if it mowed or not, Well i had two of them HEHEHE gave him both of them and got a nice sweet 14ft flat bottom for them, perfect for the river and small ponds up this way, and it's in awesome shape, Best thing is it didn't cost me a dime, the old mowers were just rotting away anyways as i bought a new John Deere last summer I thought she was gonna shoot me but when she found out it didn't cost me nothing she was fine, I might even get her out on it with me LOL Take Care God Bless and Tight Lines Dave!!!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Should have seen her face tonight LOL

Oh Oh!! Now I'm in trouble with your wife?? Good deal on the boat. Will be on the lake Sat. On channel 12. Going to wear my lucky T shirt. It says "save the black fly" on the front.