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Re: Winterized a outboard motor

Thats all I do plus mix some fuel stableizer into the fuel tank. On smaller outboards I diconnect the fuel line and let the carberator run dry


Re: Winterized a outboard motor

Would like to save some money, whats the proper way to winterized a outboard motor change lower end oil then fog it or is there more to it? Thanks for any info.

1. Stabilize fuel
2. Run motor to get stabilizer thru system
3. Fog Motor
4. Change lower unit oil
5. Change all fuel filters
6. Grease all grease fittings
7. Lube steering rod on outboard with the correct lube
8. clean and wax motor
9. Change motor oil if its a 4-stroke along with filter.
10. Give the motor a big wet juicy kiss for the long winter ahead and the performance it gave you all season. Reapeat kiss in the spring!!


Re: Winterized a outboard motor

I've heard of gaskets drying up if you run the gas completly out of the carbs? Not sure how accurate that is? But I guess I could see where it might occur? We do the same and run marine antifreeze through the motor to make sure there is no water at all in it, so it doesn't freeze and crack anything if being left outside. Oh Yeah Did I mention we Have 2 INCHES OF WHITE CRAP on the lawn outside???????? October 13th and Snow??????? Yup It's gonna be a Longggggggg winter Ughhhhhhhhhh Take Care God Bless LOL Dave