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Re: Almost a perfect last (maybe?) day on the salt

Thanks for the great post.Sounds like you had a good time out there.Can't wait to see the pictures and videos.


Re: Almost a perfect last (maybe?) day on the salt

Cap't Thomas did it again! He, Ben Glenn, and I left his slip at 6:30 yesterday a.m. 45 degrees at the dock. After a quick and slightly brisk 31 miles on 1-2'ers we arrived at Jeffries. The tide was perfect, jigs went down, and we immediately started bringing up small pollack and big cod. We repeated the process for about 45 minutes, when the blue fin tuna started rising off to our starboard side. We chased them for about half an hour when Thomas hooked a football. He gave the rod to Ben, who had the fight of his life for about 25 minutes. The tuna bolted almost straight down, screaming out line. Ben chased him halfway around the boat, both hands on the rod, butt in his fighting belt. He was able to get a little line back a couple times, then, all too quick the braid broke off. Not to be beat that quick, we chased the blue fins around for another hour and a half. Saw plenty, but never hooked up another one. Thomas decided filling his freezer for the winter, was more important , so we went back to bottom fishing. We took a short ride to one of his honey holes. Columbus day was no holiday for the fish at Jeffries. They were feeding like crazy. We stopped and brought up some real big cod, many over 20 lbs and some nice haddock. Ben was beaming again when he reeled up a 35# beauty. He looked at his watch, 11:30, and two 90 qt coolers were full, including a couple hours on the tuna. Moved around a few times. If we jigged 15 minutes without bringing up a few fish, Thomas went on the prowl. One stop included the usual bottom fare, Thomas thought he had a big cod on. When it got into the boat, to our surprise, it was a 20-25# halibut. I heard of them out there but have never seen one caught until yesterday! We kept jigging bringing up fish, including a couple hake, a few cusk, and more quality cod and haddock. I brought in a 40 + lb cod. My biggest to date. I believe Salty would say we had a "grand slam" with all the variety. We were minus red fish and dogs, but didn't miss either one. I should mention that in the middle of the day, I was down to my undershirt albeit "polar". It was time to head home and we did. Everyone was happy as could be, for a great (what might be) our last day on the salt this year. BUT, the day was not over, halfway home, something huge was breeching way off to our starboard. Thomas slipped over to check it out. I do not have the words to tell you how amazing this was. Thomas idled over to see a pod of 5 or 6 (I believe) Humbacks basking and or feeding on top. We watched in awe. Ben took many shots and some video (I am not a photographer) with my camera. Thomas would circle around for better views. One time they were 30 or 40' in front of us. I glanced another one to my left, looked, and he was barely 15' from our port side. We must have watched them for 15 or 20 minutes. Ben's short videos are well worth the watch. I am going to do all I can to get them to Gus. Hopefully he will post them, when and if I can get them to him. I do have pics of the cod, halibut, and whales. Whew!!!!!! my finger is tired.

Great report, Gotta love the salt ya never know whats gonna pop up!!


Re: Almost a perfect last (maybe?) day on the salt

Hey Richard,
Sounds like another great day with the Capt!!!
Nice pictures!! Hopefully Gus can post your video's.
And by the way"Where'd ya get the minnows?"

Re: Almost a perfect last (maybe?) day on the salt

Hoping the weather will improve next week and maybe one more day on the water. No vacation time so I think I feel the flu coming on (cough, cough).

One inch of snow on the lawn this morning. Time to start going through the ice fishing gear...

Re: Almost a perfect last (maybe?) day on the salt

You'll have to wait for Richard's reply. He's in the Dover hospital with pneumonia. Hope's to be out by Sunday.