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Re: Pontoons/Big John

Though I don't own a pontoon boat, I'd try to drain any water or condensation that may have gotten into the pontoons, then put a half gallon of marine antifreeze in each pontoon just to make sure. Easing drained out in the spring and adds a little piece of mind especially if the boat is going to be stored outside. Those pontoons will get cold, and we all know what happens to water when it freezes. Just my .02 though. Take Care God Bless LOL Dave

Re: Pontoons/Big John

Hi Guys, I bought a pontoon this year and will be winterizing for the first time. I remember reading on this site last year something about putting a few gallons of antifreeze directly into each pontoon to prevent leaking come spring time. Do you still do this? Who has a reasonable price for shrinkwrapping in the area? Thanks in advance.

Oops, I left out one of the most important things. I've had pontoon ctacks 2 years out of the last three. Seems condensation gets trapped in the nose section, freezes and cracks the weld.

Fix is like Dave said, lower the nose, put 1 gallon recreation antifreeze in the pontoon, thenm when you store it, put the nose down so that the antifreeze settles where the condensation is. Supposed to work, this will be the first winter I'll be storing it this way.

I was told to leave the anti-freeze in all year, dont drain it. If you pull the plug to check for any water in the Pontoon, be sure to add more antifreeze. Mine seemed OK this fall once we got her on dry land, so we didn't pull the drain plugs to check. We used to pull the olugs and look for moisture, but never found any, had problems anyhow ??? On mine it gets trapped in the nose somehow. Poor design.

Big John

Re: Pontoons/Big John

Thanks for all the information,I talked with a member of the Lowell Boat Club on the Merrimac River they claim to use Cameo Aluminum Pot Cleaner which can be bought in Market Basket for around $2 suppose to make them look like new with little effort Ill let you know after I use it boat still in water , thanks again SeaSlayer

Re: Pontoons/Big John

Used the Cameo Aluminum Pot Cleaner today along with pressure cleaner and my two 20yr old sons pontoons look like new cameo cost a 1.09 a container similar to a ajax
washed with pressure washer first then sprinkled cameo on a long handle brush scrubbed a little then a p.wash again pontoons looked new boats a 1996 with oversize pontoons well worth the trouble a cheap way out.