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Re: opinions please

Mike I saw that just trying to decide if i went a used unit from a 20 year old basser or not.BARRY

Re: opinions please

This guy is selling an almost new Lowrance 520C (combo unit) for $450....I think it's between 7-800 new. If I had the money I'd be jumping on it as my 68C is acting flukey (might be that the transducer needs replacement)

I have the Lowrance 520c and have had no problems at all. I find Transducers are the main problem with most units, so I run two ducers and a switch box for 5 years now. Seems I go through a ducer every season, but I was told Ping adjustment can cause that, stay with factory setting, if you do raise it, be sure to put it back where it was from the factory.

I'd make the guy an offer he can't refuse.

Big John