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Wishin I was fishing

Been kind of quite on the site since fishing was over.Got the Islander back from getting winterized[ took 2 weeks they were busy] and know in garage waiting for 4/1/10.Sure wish we had same rules has they do in Vt we would all still be fishing.Those guys at champ are still fishing and catching fish in good numbers[lake champlain forum under fishing reports].W-fat just stopped by today and is heading to the north maine woods with davey dog face for 2 weeks to hunt the 3 deer that are left in the area[ good luck davey].W-fat had this week off[state worker with 10 weeks vacation nice!!!] and has beenhunting in this area and tells me that he had shot AT 2 bucks the last 2 days and you guessed it he missed he is a better boater than a fisherman or hunter I will let him tell you why, gun was off,bad wind, bullit curved,to far,to close we have all one reason or another.he tells me that one was a monster!!!! so why go to maine he tells me it is not all about the hunt?.Mac and I have been hunting with the smoke poles and only seen does waiting to find some bone.Wednesday game on with real guns and good luck to all that hunt.B-man

Re: Wishin I was fishing

I hear the wife is a much better shot then he is LMAO, Take Care God Bless LOL Dave who feels the same way as you and wishes he was still fishing Ughhhhhhhh

Re: Wishin I was fishing

Sorry to hear you guys can't fish as we can here on Champlain

I hit the water today with "marknfish". We didn't do great. We boated 5 or 6 salmon and one laker. We lost just as many. I kept one salmon for the grill, Mark kept the laker.

Tight lines

Re: Wishin I was fishing

Razzle Dazzle I have seen your post on Lake Champlain forum and you guys have an awsome fishery. We go every tear for 9 days and fish the inland sea for salmon and brown trout.We fish out at carlton prize and south of valcour island and fish the red cans for lakers weather permitting north wind forget it.We stay at Paul Boileau camp in south hero and he was at one time a charter capt.`CHAMP` was the name of the boat he has given us some good advise on were to go. can not wait untill next year B-Man

Re: Wishin I was fishing

B Man give me a call sometime 978-667-3117