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Last trip to Jeffries for (09)

Definetly the last trip. Got to Thomas' slip around 6:00 a.m. The gang plank (at low tide) to dock, dock, and deck of boat, were as slippery as goose dung on a deck of marbles! Temp was a brisk 28 degrees. Thomas, friend Allan, and I blasted out to the ledge at full throttle on a nearly flat ocean. We decided to use clams today to avoid as many cod as we could. We boated plenty of nice haddock, many pollack (not huge), a handful of redfish, and several cod, which were sent back. Thomas landed an approximate 35 lb cod. He hated to throw it back, but relinquished it back to the ocean. At 4:00 a.m. NOAA called for 2-3 footers today, out beyond 25 miles. Wrong again, it was almost flat out there. It was a beautiful, comfortable day on the salt. Lots of birds working on the way out, and most of the forenoon. Never saw a tuna or anything break the surface, so we were not sure what was pushing the bait up. We were escorted by 3 friends in their boat. Fished together all morning. At 11:00 they left us for home. Around noon we headed home, in record time on flat seas, to load Thomas' boat and call it a season. When we were a quarter mile from the slip, We saw our buddies (drifting) waiting for gas. They were probably a couple qts short. All in all, it was a very nice day and good way to end the season.