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Re: Buck Fever

Thats a great buck, Roger. I love the palmation on that rack! Congrats to you. I always think about going to MA, but never do it. Gonna have to try it one of these years.
So... you gonna share the story?? Haha.

Re: Buck Fever

Big John...I think I have a small roast for you (LOL)
Louis...They don't come easy...Dad taught me well.

The result of taking(Killing) an animal, bird, fish is its death. This result is no different than the table fare that is consumed by most consumers. They don't harvest or take them.....they are slaughtered(Killed) in food factories and that is a fact.

I have a respect for the game that I am fortunate enough to bring home and share with my family and friends and am sensitive to those who do not participate. I try to teach as many young childred about life and death of wildlife every chance I get. We owe them the truth. That is all I have to say about that subject.

Craig...here is how it happened.

I hadn't seen this particular deer but knew there was at least one huge one in the mixed hardwood and swamp area I had scouted. I decided to take make a late afternoon hunt and did some on the ground scouting. I located a couple of promising trails with some buck sign. I made a decision, picked an oak and put up the lone wolf stand at 3:30pm. The weather was calm and the temp in 40's. I had hunted this location a couple of times in the last three years and had a close call with my bow but it didn't work out. So the last hour and fifteen minutes ticked by without any movement until 5 minutes of legal left. I noticed a doe on a trail about 50 yards away in some thick brush. She was headed to a green area to feed. Not a few seconds later the buck appeared on the same trail. I could tell instantly that he was a great animal and would take this one if I got a good shot. In early November I took another Ma buck with my bow on a ground stalk ( 8 pt, 18" inside and 145#). I told myself that the next one had to be bigger than the last and there was no second thoughts when I spotted this one. I got into position to take a shot when he reached the green about 80 yards from my stand. Once he reached the got there and was broadside I took the shot. I usually shoot my muzzle loader but decided to bring my 1100 fully rifled scoped barrel. I hit him in the crease behind his right shoulder with a Lightfield slug. He ran about 60 yards and started to stumble and fell. The rest of the story is work as you know and some excited phone calls to my family and close friends.

A final note...

I wouldn't have taken it without my dads love for the outdoors and his patience teaching me how to hunt deer in NH. My love of the woods in the fall is because of him. He passed almost two years ago on 12.16.07 and every animal I take since that date is part of his legacy.



Re: Buck Fever

Roger, when I asked for details, I was interested in the weight, etc. But the story was interesting reading, your one of my favorite all around sputsman, good job.

I hope this roast finds its way to Billerica, lol.

Big John

Re: Buck Fever/ ? to Big John

Nice deer Roger , question to big John whats a sputsman
that a new generation hunter lol and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all for enjoyable and safe Holidays.

Re: Buck Fever

Hey John,

I hope you are doing well since the shoulder surgery. I spoke to Rick and he told me you were doing well. As far as the weight it was in the first post. So here is the weight just for you...184 pounds. By the way glad you liked the story. And you too are a good good all around person. Thanks!

You told me you wanted a "small roast" I am sure that this one will have enough in it to deliver. Or maybe I should get you one from the other three. HA!

Here is an early Merry Christmas for you Big John.


Re: Buck Fever

nice job roger.congrats..have a great holiday to. joe s....

Re: Buck Fever

White Cap
John Sampson
Show off, lol. Details on the kill please.

Big John

Hey Big John don't you want to be politically correct? It's called "harvest". :>)


I hear ya, actually, I don't hunt at all, but I have too many friends that do to go off on a tangent about it. I see one dead or allmost dead on the road and it tears me up big time. I hit a Turkey last year (with my truck) and I looked for it on the side of 93 for the rest of the year whenever I rode by.. That being said, allot of my friends say they killed a deer, or killed a Turkey, etc. I prefer shot a deer or shot a Turkey, etc. Harvest is a great term or just plain "got" a deer.

I'm glad they don't say I killed a Salmon today, lol

But in the spirit of all my hunting friends I used the term most of them seem to be comfortable with.

Big John

Re: Buck Fever

Great Deer and great story!
I am sure your Dad is proud!