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Re: Buck Fever

White Cap
John Sampson
Show off, lol. Details on the kill please.

Big John

Hey Big John don't you want to be politically correct? It's called "harvest". :>)


I hear ya, actually, I don't hunt at all, but I have too many friends that do to go off on a tangent about it. I see one dead or allmost dead on the road and it tears me up big time. I hit a Turkey last year (with my truck) and I looked for it on the side of 93 for the rest of the year whenever I rode by.. That being said, allot of my friends say they killed a deer, or killed a Turkey, etc. I prefer shot a deer or shot a Turkey, etc. Harvest is a great term or just plain "got" a deer.

I'm glad they don't say I killed a Salmon today, lol

But in the spirit of all my hunting friends I used the term most of them seem to be comfortable with.

Big John

Re: Buck Fever

Great Deer and great story!
I am sure your Dad is proud!