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Re: Limits in Winni.

That is true when your number is up its on to a new life but in the meantime we should be trying to preserve the fishery for the next generation not wipe them out by fishing till the days end by thinking catch and release the fish that survive its my guess at least half these fish die and become food for whatever and the way the Lake is being fished in the last 5 years its sad. The new gadgets helping people to get into the fish are to blame the fisherman with the coin and know how are responsible for the problem

Re: Limits in Winni.

We self regulate ourselfs...we do not put legal size fish back into the lake that are hook wounded or bleeders.I cannot speak for others on this and once and awhile we get our limit and we stop fishing because we don't want to hook wound a fish we can't keep.It is just the little guys that you have to put back...it is those little ones the ones that are hook wounded enough to live and not grow normal that I believe is the root of the problem.I hope the stockers this year that Big John has posted about will be large enough to survive a lure that the last couple of years was larger than the salmon trying to eat it.polebreaker