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Re: When are we going to start holding F&G responsible?

Same goes for lakers there is just too many

Re: When are we going to start holding F&G responsible?

I agree 1 million percent. Less fish= more baitfish, more baitfish= bigger fish. I know they say bait is not the problem but I feel it's part of the problem. You should see the bait balls that show up on my fishfinder when I'm out on the Finger Lakes. They are unbelievable. I've fished Winni a long time all over the lake and have never seen anything remotely close. This will result in lower catch rates but improve the overall size of the fish. I'm in favor of this but I know others are not. Thanks for sticking up for the solo angler in a previous post. One line per angler would simply be a waste of time for solo anglers. What if I want to establish a pattern of what's working on that particular day? If I'm alone and only have one line I and I give each method (top, leadcore,rigger) 1 hour to produce, I could on some days be three hours into fishing before I figure out what's working. I usually fish in 3-5 hour chunks so for me that would be a waste of time. One line per angler would be terrible, and steer me away from fishing for salmon/trout in NH. 3 lines per boat, regardless of # of anglers, would be a decent compromise to all involved. Lastly, I would really like to see F&G take some of the larger salmon/trout lakes and manage them for trophy browns. A hardier fish, tougher to catch, and not as limited with their diets. All this could add up to bigger fish. I'm not saying do this in Winni, but there's no rule that every salmon/trout lake must be managed for salmon. Diversify the fishery throughout the state for both the warmwater(pike, musky, walleye) and coldwater fisheries(more browns)and this could help take some of the pressure of Winni and meet the needs of a wider range of anglers.


Re: When are we going to start holding F&G responsible?

NH Fish and Game has always been reactive instead of proactive on all of their programs. Its really too bad for a lot of the wildlife in NH

Re: When are we going to start holding F&G responsible?

Big Browns!!!!!!! Love it!!! Better looking fish, more fight and you gotta work for em!!