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Re: Chapter 2 As to why there are no Trophy Salmon in Winn

my 2 cents on this...

by limiting boats to 2 rods, i think less overall licenses will be sold. Our camp brings in about 12-14 guys for the May Derby, 10 of those guys are once a year visitors, no need for them to ever buy a license under that change. I have to think hundreds of licenses (revenue) are sold just because of that Derby. Also, how many groups or 3-4 guys on a boat, especially derby weekend? thats the majority of what you see... so now instead of 600 boats with an avg of 4 guys, you will have 1200 boats with 2 guys (only due to neededing a witness, the rest of the year I will just fish alone as you all will). so lets double the boat traffic and fuel pollution in order to up the salmon ante... brilliant plan for whom ever thought of it!

My first thoughts on slowing down the catch/injury rate. 1. End the season Aug 30th... We all know Sept fishing is like sticking your hand in the goldfish tank at petco.... anyone can come up with 10 fish in 2 hours. and 2. have a few scattered no fishing saturdays... that will lesson the total amount caught each season as well.

Try fishing Squam in September, extrememly lucky to get one a day, myself I have found Winni to slow down quite a bit after Labor Day, mid September for me is slow on Winni....

But I really don't believe we take enough fish out of the Lakes anyhow.

Big John

Re: Chapter 2 As to why there are no Trophy Salmon in Winn

I agree with john, September can be slow, but there are no nicer days in the year than in September.
Also, I think many fisherman that are still working may only have Saturdays to fish (not my problem) Would not recommend any no fishing days.