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Re: Need some Help

This is a good idea Travis, as long as you can clearly define the objectives and keep the focus. Fishlakewinni.com is the perfect venue as all interested can voice their opinions and as you point out some are very good. If you want to really build a strong platform buy the Wini Derby from Rick, keep the derby permit in place, change the derby format, yearly if necessary, make it a 501C corporation so it is non profit and can seek donations and then use that money to help the fishery. (The LCI Derby has over 250,000 cash on hand). The advisory board should include captains, manufactuers, retailers, and fisherman. Myself and my three sons will help. There is power in numbers.

Re: Need some Help

im in trav.what ever i can do to help. thanks joe s....

Re: Need some Help

i like the idea, best with numbers. maybe set things up with a representative from a few groups at first as they know more about organizing things, try and get someone that leads your guides association, maybe some one from a lake association (im assuming but dont know if winni has one) maybe try and get a rep from a group like trout unlimited, the merideth rotary etc. use these people as mentors in the early stages founding things and getting organized, you dont want everything on one persons shoulders as its way to much. i know back in college our frat was big into community work, comes in handy when going against the city, you dont want to be the group thats blaming and pointing fingers, but the one thats doing their part to make things right in the community. might even help to contacrt a similar group in one of the neighboring states, its strange that winni doesnt have this already