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Winni Salmon Fishery

I think Travis(Cool Water) has some great thoughts about moving forward and realigning the balance of of the lake relative to forage and game fish.However the original design of the landlocked salmon fishery at Winni was as a put and take fishery as the lake has such limited habitat for natural reproduction due to development if ever.Thus once again we find our beloved lake again upside down, is it fishing pressure/technolgy,stocking fish incapable of surviving, smelt forage base not what we think,declining yellow perch base, increasing white perch, rainbow trout presence.I am inclined to think from my on water observations it is a combination of all.I cannot offer forward the immediate solution but as of this email I will fish barbless hooks,rubber net, and more carefully handle fish to be released. I have been fishing on Lake Winni since 1958 including every Derby and would venture forth as a volunteer if you need some help. Slamin Salmon