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Re: Winni Derby Cancellation

Dick Baker
Just for the record I would like everyone to know that Rick Davis and his Derby directors cancelled the Derby of there own accord. They began the Derby to help salmon and they put it on hold because of the temporary salmon problem. They didn't talk about it. They just did it. Now I think its up to us to do everything that we can. Sounds like Travis has already begun!!

Dick Baker

I got an e mail myself confirming the above, hats off to the committee, they saw the quality issue first hand and the Salmon quality trend over the last several years and decided it might be in the best intest of the fishery. A very un-selfish decision for the benefit of the fishery.

Also it was noted somewhere, Derby entrants have dropped allmost 1500 over the last 12 years and has stabilized around 2000 (+ or -) the past 3 or 4 years, which makes you wonder about the pressure of the Derby's effect on the Salmon quality.

Big John