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Sat nubi report

Went to nubi with mac and his future bride and my son and 2 other guys and we got NUBI`ed 3 flags no fish, beautyfull day.Got there at 7 and I left at 3.Plenty of deer meat to eat and good company.Went last sunday and got 1 flag no fish.Got to get better can not get any worse. B-man

Re: Sat nubi report

You sure you didn't bring W-Fat with you guys??????? Sounds like one of his fishing trips LMAO Take Care God Bless LOL DAve

Re: Sat nubi report

Dave, We are tring to break the curse,Feb 12th we are going fishing W-fat,mac,my boss john and myself with adrien on his ice fishing charter.We will see if he can break the curse and W-fat hopefully will catch a fish.Good luck to everyone this weekend at the derby and be safe.Not going this year everyone has something going on,owell maybe next year B-man