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Highland lake

Did 7 hrs. on highland lake in Stoddard today. With co-workers who had never ice fished, and their boys 4 & 6. I had not been on the lake before, first 2 holes I drilled I hit mud, told them I wanted see what kind of bottom it was mud,sand or rocks. Found some deeper water & got 7 perch and a pickeral. They said they might go again in a couple years.
I'll be on the big lake Fri. with B-Man, Mac, Johnny White gloves, & YO-A.
So get home after a cold windy day on the ice, & the kids mother, is wathching the super bowl naked, I says whats up, she replies this is my luv dress. I respond it needs Ironing. TnT W-Fat

Re: Highland lake

I've fished Highland a couple of times. The best fishing is a mile north of the town boat launch in 10 to 20 feet of water. Its the only deep water in the whole lake. I guess everyone knows that F&G has most of the lake contour maps online?
Adrien is a super fisherman. Dick Pinney and I will fish Winni with him the first of March. I hope you will let us know how you do on Friday.


Re: Highland lake

It will be interesting to see if W-Fat is out of hospital in time to fish Friday with Yo! LOL

Re: Highland lake

Hey! D B We will post the results of the adventure. W-Fat