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Re: Addresses for Letters and e mail to Fish and Game and next Comissioners meeting info.

John Sampson,
Do you know of a way to start a formal online petition that people could sign supporting the NHSA proposal? Unfortunately, having a rules meeting on a Weds. afternoon in April is going to exclude a lot of concerned anglers from voicing their opinions due to their work schedules. We can all voice our personal opinion through e-mail/letters to F&G but sometimes speaking in person has a bigger impact. I don't want F&G thinking that a lack of attendance at this meeting means that people don't care because it's fairly obvious we do! If the NH Guides Association can propose 1 rod per angler, than those who are vehemently opposed to it should be able to have a voice or say in the process. It's not realistic to think that a lot of people will take a day out of work to attend this meeting in April. However, I'd be willing to bet that you could get hundreds to sign a petition against the 1 rod per angler proposal and in support of the NHSA propsal. I've seen petitions on the VT. site before regarding lamprey control and I'm pretty sure NHSA could start one as well. Remember, there is power in numbers! Let us know if this is possible and thanks again for all the leg work you guys have done; it doesn't go unnoticed.


If needed and I say if, we will get people, if they can take a day off to go fishing mid-week, they can do it for a better cause, it aint over ti it's over.

We dont need an army at that meeting, it's the Proposal hearings and I believe they are at night.