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I will be on Winni Friday

Say hello if you get a chance guys, I will be on channel 12. I'll be on my 21' Trophy that looks just like the Kool-Aid charter boat.
My Rig


Re: I will be on Winni Friday

Scotty! Good lookin ride!

I ended up swapping for a little upgrade... Maybe you'll see it tomorrow. Not sure if I am going to make it up.

I am stuck at UNH today learning about microeconomics and business management while some people are getting to fish! LOL good luck to everyone out there!


Re: I will be on Winni Friday

Go to class Cody. I can't believe it's been over 20 years since I sat in a Micro class....good ol' WSBE.

I'll be out on the big pond tomorrow myself. Grey Lund with red stripe

Re: I will be on Winni Friday

It has to be tough being in school on the first day. Those subjects (well, maybe not Micro) but your Business degree will help you no matter what you choose to do. Keep at it, you have many years to fish ahead. Hey Mike, I am also a WSBE alum.

Re: I will be on Winni Friday

I LOVE those yellow rods!

Re: I will be on Winni Friday

HAHAHA a bit biased perhaps??

Re: I will be on Winni Friday

For reasons out of my control, my new (new to me) Eastern will not be ready for pick up until Friday, then I've got to get her rigged up on Saturday, but good news is, I've got permission from the Easter bunny to go on Sunday. Maiden voyage Ya Hoooo. Jesus liked to fish right? So he should be cool with that I hope.


Re: I will be on Winni Friday

Yes,but it was a creel limit of (1) hook wounded to feed the masses.polebreaker

Re: You Guys are KILLING ME LOL

I'll be sitting in my first grade classroom, looking out at the river thinking of all of you fishing while I'm teaching the young minds of tomorrow. Doesn't look like I'll make it out this weekend (Amber's birthday on Easter Sunday, Wife would SHOOT me LOL) but I did go up and give the Tubb a pat after I got out of school this evening. She is almost ready to get going and catch some fish. I know I'm ready!!!!!!!!! Take Care God Bless LOL Dave P.S. at least put some more fish porn up so I can drool!!!!!!!!!!!