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The Right Call

This post is in response to a post by Lunkerhunter who must have been scared to give his name,like an earlier post by Jason Parent asked us to do.If you had something to say let everyone know who is saying it. I have a problem with the post because the truth was not stated. Lunker ,as I will call him,neglected to say this was a witch hunt against me because of a joke played on him earlier in the week.Myself,Lunker and our other buddy always scam and play jokes on each other all the time but it always stays between us.Till now! I quess my joke was good enough for him to try to humiliate me in front of the fishing community.I won't tell you what the picture joke was because it was to be kept between us as I thought it was going to be.Now as for the things that were said about me,the statement that I shake the fish off the hook with needlenose pliers.Where did that come from Lunker?You've never seen me do that!Our other buddy who fishes with both of us all the time would tell you that they are netted with a rubber net and and held while one of us remove the hook.OOOPs Lunker you said that you only take home the fish that you eat , last time we knew you gave them to your neighbor or your brother to eat.I guess you forgot to tell everyone that the fish that I bring home go to an 81 year old man and his wife that still have to work to eat and pay their bills.That's the type of person I am not who you make me out to be.It just seems funny that all the important parts of the story and it was a story, were left out the most important thing that he believes that the main problem with the salmon being hook wounded is the guides because he has told our buddy and myself it's because they can run so many lines how can that not be the problem.Why didn't he post that?HMMM Now everybody on the site ,even the ones that judged me because they thought that the statements were true and not just revenge for a good joke. What a way to use this site. Now guys and girls, YOU MAKE THE CALL! Tom Connell Slo-n Eeze

Re: The Right Call


This sounds like a lovers quarral, maybe this would be better off on Dear Abbey's message board as oppossed to this one?

Re: The Right Call

you know what i put this on here so you could read replies to your ridiculous thoughts that you paid for those fish. and as for you taking the fish off the hook,you lie like a rug. bottom line, i am far from skeered of putting my name on here,,STAN MUSZYNSKI..lets get back to fishing..can i fish for your fish too ???

Re: The Right Call

I think both of these guys should be suspended or booted from this forum for bring this drama crap to a very nice and informitive site. if i wanted to see drama like this i could go to myspace and deal with it. Hope everyone else is enjoying there early fishinf season and best of luck to the good guys out there.