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Shake Down Cruise

Been so busy with work lately due to "weather events" didn,t have the boat ready 'till noon sat. Took the wife as it was her birthday and she,s a good boat steerer. Went to West Alton Marina, dock closed. Ames Farm, closed to outsiders. Gilford Town Docks, can,t afford their parking tickets. Fays Boat Yard,finally yes! Noticed brake fluid leaking out of trailer master cyl. and missing tail lite lens. No big deal. Both motors ran great and it felt good to be back on the water but no hits, so tried the radio, nothing. Found the coax came apart at the radio.Fiddeled with it for half hour. Gotta solder it. Nearly lost a rigger overboard when the cable caught a 2by8. Then finally got an 18in. salmon on a copper redhead needlefish at two colors.Released unharmed and a good day was had by all. Cal P.

Re: Shake Down Cruise

Wow! Tough one Cal.


Re: Shake Down Cruise

Hey Cal,did you great the great lakes planer mast set up on the boat yet? My scedule is clear saterday afternoon if you need me.Our shakedown run was a little better on saterday.LDR about 4 fish nothing in the boat.Just got the turd back from the marina.....new etec got another prop...to fast at idle almost had to toss Jerry over the side with a drag rope to slow her down more and it only revved up to 3700 rpm on the top end.We will give her another try on sunday....Jerry don't forget the rope this time!!!! polebreaker

Re: Shake Down Cruise

Dave, save Jerry, drag a bucket! ha ha. Heck ya I,ll let you help set it up. Might be a more difficult install than yours was though. I,ll give ya a buzz. Cal P.