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Re: Mono for Line Counter Reels

I do not consider myself an expert however on my downrigger reels I like to run 10 pound test. I have tried less before and the line seems to take a beating with the downriggers.

Re: Mono for Line Counter Reels

I agree I always run ten on my reel... In and out of the clips etc...line can take a beating! Just be sure to always keep fresh Seaguar Fluro on 6-8#!

Cool Water

Re: Mono for Line Counter Reels

I run 8# mono off my downriggers to 6# seagar floro "leader material" and it's the leader that REALLY makes a huge difference I have found. I use Chamberlain releases and don't get any line damage with those. That said, as long as the leader is long enough that the fish aren't seeing your 14# test in the area of the lure, I think you are OK.

Although most of my lines are line counter, I don't rely heavily on them. It's easy to guesstimate how far back your line goes (and it's not an exact science anyways) and my DRs count how far down I'm going.

Re: Mono for Line Counter Reels

if your going to run a heavy line and a thinner flouro tippet you might want to look at stretchy lines like cortland camo, they act more like a shock absorber and help cushion the non stretchy flouro. been the way ive set up for years. i like 10 to 12 pound on the camo and 4 to 6 on the flouro tippet. usually can find it at kittery

Re: Mono for Line Counter Reels

Ralph Phillips
Just bought 6 Daiwa SG27LCA reels.. The Manual says that the line counter is "most accurate" with 14lb. Mono.. Seems a little heavy for the planer boards.. I am planning to run the line to a barrel swivel and then a floro leader off that.. Any reccomendations on what to fill these bad boys up with? 4 are for the boards and two are for the downriggers.. Thanks..

Line counters are not that accurate once you get into the spool a little, the top 100 feet of main line is pretty accurate, after that it's a best guess.

It is based on line thickness and of course how much is or is not on the spool. Not sure how to explain it, try this. 1st 100 feet you put on and last 100 feet you put on the spoll, are no where near the same length..

Sometimes I put out 4 colors and then an extra 100 feet on the counter of mono, but it's really nowhere near 100 feet. No matter, that's what works for me with that set up, so I go with it no matter what length it is as I dont have a clue how long it is.

Big John

Re: Mono for Line Counter Reels

I run 10# on my rods with a 6# flouro leader. I wouldn't use the line counter for anything other than a guesstimate as to how far your line is out. Big John nailed it on the head the first hundred and last hundred are very different. It just really lets you return your line to the same depth as you previously had out. Say you catch a fish and your line counter reads 175, when you are ready to let out again you can run your line back out to 175 on the counter and your lure should be at the same depth. That is all I really use it for, just a reference tool.