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Fin Clipping--huge success

The fin clipping was a huge success largley because of the help by Fish Lake Winni board members and of course the great weather. They did record numbers, in record time and we all had a chance to see the dedication of the NH F and G people, they do it for more than a pay check, they realy love their work.

One guy came all 3 days and he's a Bass fisherman, does not fish for Salmon at all, so be nice to our Bass fishing brothers.

We are missing a few names and address of folks that came, so please send them to me and I will get the to John Viar so he can see tha you get due credit.

Big John

Re: Fin Clipping--huge success

John, Russ and Ben hard at work.

Little guys getting ready


Re: Fin Clipping--huge success

Great video, Mac.
It really lets alot of us know the set up. Thanks to you and all who helped NHF&G, which is actually helping all of us.

Re: Fin Clipping--huge success

It is a good feeling helping out isn't it John? I had to work these past three days but I have helped F&G stock Salmon in the rivers before and the experience left a smile on my face. Thanks everyone for helping out F&G!

Re: Fin Clipping--huge success

Good job of organizing the troops John. Thanks to all and thanks for the video.