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new to salmon fishing

I've been trout fishing in streams for years and recently took up fly fishing but this April 1 was my first go at some salmon. I asked around a bit so learned a little bit about what to use and where to fish from shore in the lakes region as I don't have a boat. Over 2 days I did catch 4 salmon ranging from 17" to 21" on an ultralight spinning rod/reel with 6lb test and smelt and shiners for bait. I quickly learned that my usual trout net was not big enough and that the salmon seem to prefer the smelt over the shiners, although the former are certainly very expensive when you are out of work. I saw the huge nets that some anglers left on the shoreline but I like to get out there in my waders and need something that I can throw over my shoulders that is manageable yet big enough. Any recommendations? The other thing I learned the hard way is that sometimes a rather large lake trout will hit and my ultralight tackle was not up to the task as I lost what looked like about a 6-7 lb. laker right at the dock when the line snapped. Any suggestions on the right rod/reel/line combination to use when fishing for salmon that will still handle the occasional lake trout and still provide plenty of action? Thanks.

Re: new to salmon fishing

A 6'6" medium action spinning rod. 6-8# test...

As for a net call AJ's 603-279-3152 He can hook you up with a larger short handled fly fishing net. AJ's can also help with tackle questions...

Cool Water

Re: new to salmon fishing

Also, a great way to get a crash course with this stuff is to see the link on the home page for the guides that take people out in there boats. if you recruit a couple friends then the cost is very reasonable.