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Lake O

W-Fats first time to the real big lake.
And it was everything I had heard it would be (WINDY & ROUGH). 4 day trip on the water 2 hrs Thurs, & 2 Hrs. Sat. One Togue 21" & a Coho 21".
2 broken props no loss of life.
I new what to expect from Redneck rookies from Claremont & Charlestown NH.
So when u can't get on the water u party.
I kept up with the pups 1/2 my age for the whole time, and still got up first every a.m. and served the bunch Oswego mimosa in bed. (Shiltz beer & Tang)
I may go again but I think I'll take my bow & look for deer. TnT W-Fat

Re: Lake O

We were up there for the same trip , never launched the boat. Caught some fish in the river but that just does'nt cut it after catching them in the lake.
Wished i had known you were up there , we could have gotten together and ******* about the wind gods.
If you are headed back up again let me know maybe i can help out with lodging.

back to repeated skunkings on the good lake for now.


Re: Lake O

Dont get down on lake O. Its usually a great place to fish. Right now out there is a little early. The water is really low for this time of year. Its starting to come up I hear. The end of april is when I would plan at trip at the earliest. Things just dont start to really get going until early may in most places. Been there..done that at the bar and went too early one year. Still had lots of fun but the salmon were almost nonexistant. Nasty lakers...we got em.

Want to go and fish a fun tourney at the same time? There is one 6/26 out of oswego and one 7/24 out of the little salmon river. $50. per boat tourney. All very well run and friendly. Rooms are easy to come by and cheap compared to around here. I have been doing them with my son for 4 years now. The prizes are awesome. Captains bag is worth over the $50. entry fee. If you want more info email me at bewired@comcast.net