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Re: Inline planers

This is my 3rd season using my Offshore Inline planers and am quite satisfied with them. In September, I drag 5-6 colors with them and they can pull that. In the Spring I drag 2-3 colors.

I follow instructions that I've read from various sources on using inlines and the biggest one is "cut your cores to the length you are using". This has two benefits: 1.) less drag between your rod tip and your board so your board is a better indicator of "fish on" 2.) clipping the board directly on the lead core can damage that line...you should be clipping onto the backing. It's pretty easy to switch out cores and store them on old spools once you learn the double-uni knot.

You can setup the Offshores to release and slide down the line but I don't want to fight a fish with a board in it's face. Instead, reel in to the board, squeeze the two spring clips to release it and you are done (I do this solo all the time).

The toughest thing about using them is getting used to recognizing "fish on" for smaller fish. It can be subtle with fish under 17" so it's recommended to keep the boards closer and the same distance out so you can see if one is dragging. It doesn't take long to get the gist of when even a smaller fish is on. Bigger fish will pull these right under like a bobber (generally a good sign that you have a corker on). You can also by a seperate indicator kit that will pop like a ice fishing flag (sort of) but that kit is as much as the boards and I don't need it to know when I'm on.

Inlines are a cheaper way to get more horizontal spread than the "mast and board" option. If I had more disposable income and didn't mind altering my boat, I would go with mast and boards as you can put more lines out more quickly. I do think one advantage to the inlines is that waves/wakes etc have more of a "jigging" effect on your bait with the inlines. My inline setups catch 10-1 with leadcore over my downriggers with straight mono/floro.