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Saturday Fishing Report (Winni)

Today was definately a first for me, towing my boat to the lake stuck behind a SNOW plow. I also began to second guess my decision to hit the lake today but oh well the ball was in motion. I also had a newbie I had to introduce to spring fishing on the boat today, as it turns out he picked the right day to come and hung in there from 5:30 til 3:00. We hit the trifecta today with Largest Salmon 3.2 lbs. Lake Trout 4.0 lbs Rainbow 2.5 lbs. All in all we had a very good day and I don't think I'll have to twist his arm to go again after what he endured today.

Re: Saturday Fishing Report (Winni)

Glad to hear someone else was out there. I hit squam for a few hours slow trolling live smelt, nothing but yellow perch and smallmouths for me.