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Squam report

Fished 4 lines (3 men) 6 hours..

1 Salmon caught in 10' of water, a 5 year old female, 24", 3.5 pounds, full of old eggs. But she gave Russ Johnson a "hell of a fight" inspite of her body condition, sadly it was her last battle.

Another friend caught a 26" male, on the thin side, did not weigh it, also his last battle.

These are the types of fish we need to take out of the lakes, hookwounded, undersize, thin, etc. This alone will make a "huge difference in the nets this fall by itself".

For the future of the Salmon fishery, use your best judgment what you take home and what you back.

Also caught today was a small Bow, maybe 13 inches with a tag, so they must be putting the Bows in allready. Be carefull how you de-hook these little guys, good practice for early May when 1000's of new Salmon will be released into our lakes.

By the way, Russ's Salmon that was the ist Salmon caught on the Barge for 2010, Big John is still a virgin, lol. (waitin for a monster to take a bite)

Big John

Re: Squam report

John glad to hear you guys broke the ice take care!!!BARRY

Re: Squam report

Good Report John.

Re: Squam report

Glad you guys finally connected. You musta been wondering where they had gone to! Cal P.

Re: Squam report

Yankee Native
Glad you guys finally connected. You musta been wondering where they had gone to! Cal P.

Cal, Simple where they went, there just aint many in there, two missing year classses leaves it with barely any 2 and 3 year old Salmon. So we have to wait until next year, until they more or less re-stock the lake, but if we catch one it should be a decent 4+ year old.

Winni guys are getting "nice fat and healthy Salmon" every trip it seems, makes you wonder what lake has the problem, lol.

I'll be in touch,

Big John

Re: Squam report

Yes it does make you wonder.