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Re: Fish and Game Commissioners meeting this Wednesday at Fish and Gme headquarters 11 Hazen Dr. Con

Sorry John but some of us still have to work for a living can't wait to get to the golden years so I can due the things I enjoy doing if it was on the weekend I would be there Thank you for keeping a eye out for us working stiffs!!!

I understand well that most folks have to work and as it turns out it wasn't that important that we attend this particular meeting.

But a few did come, 6 or 8 people from the web site, I think 4 from the NHSA.

It was mostly about hunting rules, etc. our problem was hardly mentioned at all, except a few Commissioners mentioned they had letters, etc from their constituents about the 2 rod per proposal.

However it was very interesting (even for a non-hunter) and educational to see the process, etc. After the meeting, we got to meet several of the Commissioners and the Executive Director, etc. All seem like nice down to earth folks and real people persons.

It was not just a political exercise, you could sense that it is all for the people, their wants and
needs, I was impressed.

Interestingly, the Commissioners do not vote on Fishing Rules, only Hunting Rules and other stuff, they do and will give input from thier constituants, but the decisions from what I can see is made by the Director based on the publics wishes and interest.

It was brought up "several times" the importance of attending the Rules Proposal Hearings, not only if you are opposed to a proposal but more importantly if you are in favor of a rule proposal. Seems if people are in favor of something proposed they feel "no problem it will be passed" and don't attend the hearings, but attendees at the hearings can possibly change what you thought was a sure thing.

So again, a broken record, attend the Rules Proposal Hearings when they are announced.

Big John