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Re: Weight ???

I got into a "few" 3 yr olds on Tuesday and weighed them all and they averaged 3#'s. They went from 2.8-3.2. No hook wounding no scares and were healthy fish. I guess my thought on healthy fish must be different from others....

Like I said we need a biologists insight on this question. Those sounded like nice fish for Winni, no hookwounds is encouraging. Perhaps in another lake they might have been bigger or smaller ???

Maybe this will help illustrate my point, taken from the 2009 net data:

Mean Weight(age) (pound)

Big Squam (age 3) 4.6 pounds
2008 3.9 pounds

Sunapee (age 3) 4.7 pounds
2008 3.7 pounds

Winni (age 3) 2.8 pounds
2008 2.7 pounds

So it appears you caught a little above average 3 yr old for Winni based on 2009 net data.. Keep in mind the above data was from Fall netting, the fish you caught are Spring of 2010 3 yr olds, hopefully they will be much bigger by Oct/Nov 2010..

I added 2008 data, as you can see it can vary from laks to lake from year to year. F and G must have a goal for each year class, I'll see if I can find out.

Big John

Re: Weight ???

I guess the Bio's won't give out that kind of info...

Re: Weight ???

Didn't John Viar answer you privately, I think he told you the only real goal they have is for a 2 yr old at the end of it's 2nd growing season should be 18".

For some reason some of those guys woud rather not write here, maybe asked not to ????? We are lucky Steve Perry writes here now and then.

Big John

Re: Weight ???


He did respond to me and yes that was his answer. What I'm really getting at is if that is their goal for a 2 yr old to be 18" then we should not expect the lake to produce 6# Salmon on a consistant basis....

Re: Weight ???

F&G seem to have fallen short of their goals as the 2 yr olds we have caught are not yet legal size.That said,it seems that bait is plentiful in the lake right now.The fish look like they do in august nice and fat so they should grow faster with plenty of food on the table.It sounds like this years stockers are bigger and with good baitfish I would say things are looking up.polebreaker