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Re: Are we seeing an unhealthy fishery????

Mike F,
I've fished the Finger Lakes in NY quite a bit and that's where I got my desire for bigger fish. Same goes for Champlain. In my opinion, nothing we have in NH can compare. I'm at the stage of my fishing life where I would much rather catch larger fish, even if it means fewer of them. I do however realize that others prefer to catch numbers of smaller fish. I just wish we could have a better balance between the two. As the saying goes, "to each his own."


I like big fish also but I am realistic.It is what it is here in N.H. I like to see 20+ inches on winni.When I have to have bigger fish I to go to N.Y.polebreaker

Re: Are we seeing an unhealthy fishery????

I only get up to your beautiful lake twice a year for the derby's. Even i can see the decrease in the size of the fish. Over the years of doing the winni derby we have gone from maybe catching a couple of fish and having them be large enough to check in, to catching a very good number of fish but all smaller. Just look at the sizes of the winning salmon from the winni derby.

Re: Are we seeing an unhealthy fishery????

do you think all the complaining about no fish small fish got the fish and game to say ok lets change the rules and all of a sudden everyone said o no where screwing our selfs. all of a sudden im seeing post the fish are big and healthy fat no hook wounds lol just a thought

Re: Are we seeing an unhealthy fishery????

My answer to you is no. I believe there is accurate recording by our board members.