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Re: Navionics Fish N Chip

I just bought a left over 2008 chip for $99 a few weeks ago for my HDS-5 and absolutely love it. I scored fish in tough conditions that I directly attribute to the chip as I followed the exact contour (drop off) that I was looking to target and hit fish right where I predicted within a few yards. The chips can also be updated directly from the factory for $50 (so I send my 08 chip in with $50 and they send me the latest chip).

The Premium "East" chip covers MANY of New Hampshires waters and many of those are in high detail. I'm very pleased and think that if you buy a GPS/Sounder with Navionics capability but didn't buy the chip, you bought a nice unit but didn't fulfill it's potential and shorted yourself.

Re: Navionics Fish N Chip

I've also got the HDS-5 with the east chip. I find the details are very good. Contour lines are right on. You can find all sorts of structure on the lake with it. I would highly recommend it.
Dave S - Finaddiction Dave S

Re: Navionics Fish N Chip

Would not be without it.Works best on a lake that you are new to.It tells you were the humps are and drop offs.I know winnis depth were we fish but when we go to champ push a buttom and there are the depths and you can see sunken points,humps,drop offs with out bringing a big map, We always mark spots when we catch fish and try to turn around and go threw the same spot.Great tool wirth the money. B-man

Re: Navionics Fish N Chip

Thanks everyone. I have the Hotmaps premium east. Talking about the Fish n chip though which I am now learning is not released yet even though it says it releases in March of 2010 It is similar to the gold only gives you 1 foot contours of coastal and inner coastal waters.

Sounds like i need to buy one and report back. :)

Re: Navionics Fish N Chip

I have the Fishnchip, I use it to set lobster gear. Definitely gives better definition of coastal waters. While I'd love to fish for groundfish, I haven't put it to the real test. Never can justify the 20 mile run with my lack of knowledge out there, that is supposedly where the real value is for that chip. Question is, I got mine free, are they charging for it now?

It's from the beach out, if fact I seem to remember being told somewhere that there's no value using it less than a mile from shore or something like that.