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Friday Fishing Report

Fished with Bluejacket on the Fishtale's maiden voyage of 2010.

Most fish were caught on the surface with a few coming on 2 colors of lead.

The fish on the right were old, thin and beat up. The salmon on the right was a bleeder and did not look like it was going to make it.

Great day, little windy...

Re: Friday Fishing Report

Those look like nice fish, good job guys


Re: Friday Fishing Report

4 Keepers in one trip? come on dude?????

Re: Friday Fishing Report

Do you feel I should have released the 4+ year old fish, that have reached their growth potential? Or should we be taking the old, damaged, and unhealthy fish out of the population so the young fish have more food?


Re: Friday Fishing Report

I'm glad you kept them. More people should keep their fish. One fish is enough for four sandwitches. To make fish sandwitches: fillet the salmon, remove the skin and bone strip, lightly season it, douse it in italian bread crums and fry it in a little olive oil, put it on a bun and cover it with cheese, pop it under the broiler for just long enough to melt the cheese and brown the bun. You can add lettus and tomato and mayo if you like. You'll want more.