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Re: Sat Fishing

Way to go Gus !! I'll assume that's Jim's tape, it sure look's good.
Gus where do you park at Center Harbor?
Richard and I are going in the am. I want to see what's up with the "SW" and a few other's I want to wash.


Re: Sat Fishing

Way to go RFP's.
Mark, I know where Gus parks. But, we may be on the salt tomorrow. It is still up in the air. Regardless, we will wet some lines.
Sorry to hijack your post Gus.

Re: Sat Fishing

Richard knows. He went with us from Center Harbor.
Anyway it's up in the parking lot looking to the left from the launch towards the highway you came in on. You have to go back out on the highway and go left and take your first left. You'll see the parking lot. Have to walk about 400-500 feet back down to the launch.

Re: Sat Fishing

Oops. Richard beat me to it.

Re: Sat Fishing

No worries Cal. And BTW, Mark will do the walking as he is so much younger than I.
Gus, you leave no room for mistakes do you? LOL, wish I could do that!

Re: Sat Fishing

Yes, it's Jim's tape.
Turn right at the street just before True Value for the launch. Park behind the beach/playground, which is next to (west) of the launch.