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Re: Anyone been to Pittsburg?

I hear you Dick. We spend alot of time fishing up there. This time last year we were fishing in snowsuits, winter hats and gloves but we did real well! I think the temperature may be a little better this year, it's looking like it will be in the 80's down here this weekend so maybe it will hit 70 there? We'll see.


Re: Anyone been to Pittsburg?

wind is nw at 17mph and it is 49 degrees. Treats and tresures is good for reports

Re: Anyone been to Pittsburg?

It was a beautiful weekend in Pittsburg. About 75 degreees on Saturday and over 80 on sunday. The fishing was not nearly as good as the weather.

First problem, I think, was that the lake was like glass for most of both days. Actually so calm that we were taking pictures of the reflection of the camp on the lake and it was perfect, with no ripples. Water temp was 43-48 on Saturday and by Sunday afternoon we were finding areas in the low 50's.

We caught a few lakers both days, one good size that was about 4 1/2 or 5 lbs. The salmon were virtually untouchable. 5 rods, 8-10 hours a day for 2 days and we caught 1 small salmon maybe 14-15 inches. There was no real hot color but we caught a few on a gold and pink spoon the rest were pretty evenly split.

It was a great weekend on the lake weather wise. We were fishing shirtless on Sunday, a complete turn around from last year when we were in snowsuits.

Re: Anyone been to Pittsburg?

Thanks for the report Ryan! I always enjoy a good pittsburg report even if I only make it up there once or twice a year!