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Re: Reports from the charter boys?

Wow It's amazing how much I've missed being so busy with Student Teaching and all. What really irks me to no ends is people who write and make posts like the one above. Why is it we very rarely if ever see you guys (or girls) post regularly on this board??????? I've been a member of this board for over 5 years now (A happy one I might add, and a much better fisherman then when I started this thing they call fishing LOL) and It seems when one or two people Get upset, then they start posting total B____S___T Wake up and smell the coffee, one of the reasons they are not posting numbers like they used too (and they "the Guides" are not the only ones We've all done it in the past including myself) is they are trying to make a living, but at the same time fighting for our fishery and trying to make it better for not just them but all of us. Before you go bashing any of the guides on this site (and yes I know pretty much all of them) maybe you should get to know them personally, you couldn't find better stewards of our fishery. I met Travis around 6-7 years ago while unloading our boat at Center Harbor, He didn't know me from a hole in the wall, but when I walked up to him and started asking questions, he was more then willing to help me out courteously and politely even though he didn't have too and could have told me to buzz off. All I'm saying is even with all the information I've gotten off of this great site, For the life of me I still can't catch fish on Winni to save my life LOL and beleive me I've been on numerous charters and learned as much as I could. Now give me a lake in Maine or other NH lakes and I do fine, but I must of done something to P__S Off the winni gods cuz they hate me. The bottom line, don't hide behind a computer screen, if you have something to say to someone/anyone be a Real Man and either call them or set up a meeting and talk face to face, or if you feel that strongly get off of your backside and do what they are doing (attend meetings, speak with F & G, educate others-client, other fisherman etc... or join one of the new/old organizations where you can help to re-build and make our fishery bigger and better) If we all pitch in, we can once again have a great Fishery, But we all need to work together. Take Care God Bless LOL Dave

Re: Reports from the charter boys?

Oh the rancor. Sorry the guides are taking hits like this. Don't let wise remarks like this one get to you. Fishing is supposed to be fun! Some of my best buddies aren't even talking on the radio anymore, and thats one of the fun things. I'm an old dude now, and plan on enjoying this sport as long as I'm able. The guides, and a lot of the rest of us are trying to be good stewards of this cold water fishery. We are so lucky to have these beautiful lakes to enjoy. We have only kept one fish this year on my boat. All other fish have been released in good condition.
Hope everyone lightens up and has a great season!


Re: Reports from the charter boys?

Well Said Salty !!! Cal P.