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Saltwater Fishing License

From AP

NH cautioning saltwater anglers to register
May 1, 2010

DURHAM, N.H. --New Hampshire's Fish and Game Department is cautioning saltwater anglers they may need to register under a new federal law before fishing for certain species.

The federal law requires most New Hampshire saltwater recreational anglers and spearfishers to register before catching species such as striped bass, herring or smelt in tidal waters, or for any fish more than three miles from shore.

Anglers under age 16, who only fish on a licensed charter, guide or party boat, hold a highly migratory species angling permit or are fishing under a valid commercial license are exempt. Out-of-state anglers registered with federal authorities don't need to reregister in New Hampshire this year.

Registering is free this year, but costs $15 beginning next year.