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Oh Well Sunapee

Got to the water bird chirpin early. By 6:30 1' waves
7:30 2'ers 8:30 3'ers, thats enough, & no bites. So went to get something to eat. Fished in the cooler for silver bullets for the rest of the day, after 8 hrs. I had my limit.
The kids mother gets home, takes one look at me and says how many of those u had?
I says ONE, (after another after another).
She says is this whats going to happen after u retire? Fishin & drinkin beer??
I respond ahhhh YUP. Then the fight started. I sat silent till the storm past & she went down to the barn to do chores.
Then I took a tube of stink bait & gobbed it on her truck door handles.
Tommorrow is another day, to live like your die-en. TnT W-Fat

Re: Oh Well Sunapee

Good report. You'll make a great RFP!


Re: Oh Well Sunapee

Sounds like she doesn't fish. We all have our cross's to bear.....

Re: Oh Well Sunapee

That there was some funny stuff!!
Like LOL Dave would say I LMAO!!!!!

Re: Oh Well Sunapee

Hey W-Fat,
As a retiree I just felt the absolute need to say, U forgot to add "& hunt" to your solid (& liquid) plan.

All the Best,