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Charter Boys Getting Short End Of Stick

I find it rather unfortunate that the charter guys are not posting their numbers. I assume they were asked not to do this. What a shame. Advertising is the be all/end all of any business. This seems unfair and is giving a lot of anglers the message that it is the charter guys fault regarding the lake's situation. I'm sure they are all losing business as a result of this. Every business in America revolves around their numbers. These guys should not have to suffer because there are many other reasons the fishery is in such bad shape. I still firmly believe that there is something else amiss here and the anglers and F&G just don't have a handle on it yet. One of the F&G guys mentioned that the smelt population is the best they've seen in years. This HAS to be puzzling to F&G as to why we're not seeing 5lb fish regularly. I just don't think hook wounding is the main culprit.

Winnipesaukee is basically a put and take fishery. Bows and salmon don't spawn for the most part. So, as in any business, the problem should be handled and attempted to be fixed by the production people(F&G) and not the consumer. I know this is a rambling post, but I feel the charters are getting the shaft. I actually thought it was entirely the charters fault until I started getting more info on the subject. And until I see data telling me otherwise, I think the problem should be solved internally within the F&G. They need more data. One day for three years at Melvin Village shouldn't be the deciding factor, especially when the forage is in such good shape.Comments??

Re: Charter Boys Getting Short End Of Stick

I turly beleive there are many other factors to why our big lakes are in trouble.The main problem as I see it is the bait, let me explain why I think this way. I fish manily Winn. and spring time only for a for over 30 years. I examin all stomach content of all the fish I keep. This year the first day out I found some very small smelt in the Salmon, Rainbow and Lake Trout and I mean very small and only one or two. After that there was only bugs in the fish caught. No more smelt. As we all know Salmon need smelt to grow, smelt are Salmons perferred food base, without smelt we have no Salmon. Spring time should be the best for the Salmon to feed heavily on the smelt, why aren't we seeing and smelt in the fish? I could go on about this, with why we don't use Black brook to raise smelt like we did years ago and what is F&G doing for the sportsmen and sportswomen.

Re: Charter Boys Getting Short End Of Stick

I think that their non posting of information shows a committment to do anything needed to have a positive effect. I don't know if they were asked not to post or are doing it voluntarily but they seem to be unified in the approach.

Re: Charter Boys Getting Short End Of Stick

We were not asked not to post at all by anyone. I however have asked that guides do not post numbers or info anymore. I have made this difficult decision for a few reason's... first in terms of numbers I have not posted numbers in a few years and if I have than I slipped I have made an effort to make each outing about my clients, their having a good time and me feeling good about the trip, not about how many fish we caught. Posting of numbers of fish caught for me can and will only lead to me getting my head ripped off by somone else!

Second... articles in paper's, E-Mails, post's and comments I have read and heard by people have made me decide that if you want to learn from me than you have two options, book a trip or come to one of my seminar's. I will not continue to get bashed day in and day out by people all the while continuing to share my tips and tricks with those very people whom point finger's and blame! I will go fishing, continue to catch fish and take care of the people who matter most my loyal clients. As for people on this site who are all very good friends of mine you all know who you are my cell is here on the site you call me anytime... Sorry it has come to this I just don't know what else to do...

I have even considered just shutting down the board all together!

Travis Williams

Re: Charter Boys Getting Short End Of Stick

For the love of GOD, Please don't let a few BAD APPLES, Ignorant, arrogant JERKS lead you to take the board down. Pretty much all of my fishing friends, and some I haven't even fished with yet have been from made from this site. Here's a choice (just putting it out there) how about making it a pay site before shutting it down? This would more then likely keep the lurkers out (aka TROUBLEMAKERS, CRAP STARTERS, etc...) and would keep the faithful on board. Just a suggestion as I like to think of most of the people I have met from this board, not just friends, but GOOD Friends!!!!!! Take Care God Bless LOL Dave