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Re: tandem trolling speeds

i havent done much with tandems and salmon since i was a kid, have caught plenty of browns bows and brookies with the small streamers thogh. with the salmon evrerything changed with those db's but now everyones using them and i dont think they work as well now with the larger fish that have been seeing it. the pumper works good at slower speeds, not so much with the jiggers but i like the action off the jigger better at higher speeds. the jigger board i really like, took a while to learn were to place the rod to use lead but its a great product, going for the inline jigger next, i see even more potential. whats your slowest and fastest ranges your normally fishing at with the flies, watching some guys last fall and i bet they were trolling 5 plus

Re: tandem trolling speeds

I go 1.8 to 2.2, rarely faster unless we have big wind, the G2 Jiggers work better at 2.5 to 3 but I try to keep it as slow as I can and still have the work.

Big John

Re: tandem trolling speeds

Action action action, as John said keep the fly moving be it jiggers or jerking it by hand, faster speeds help enhance the action 3.0 – 3.5 mph. I find in the spring any smelt imitation works. Also have good luck with bright color flies with a lot of action.

Good Luck

Re: tandem trolling speeds

thanks, im really looking forward to improving this style of fishing, ive noticed the jigging board works even better if you keep pulling the planer line in small bumps. been tying all these flies for years, should really start fishing them