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Re: Saturday Winni Report

John, I didn't see any hook wounding in any of the fish to be honest. I think you have a good suggestion about sending observations to John Viar so I will.

Dick, this year is the first year that I have been using the Siwash hooks, other than the spoons I have bought previously that came with one on it, a winnie wonder for example. I have in the past had problems with the bigger siwash size #2 going through the eyes of salmon. This year I put #4's and #6's on my spoons. My logic was that most of us had been using flies in those hooks sizes all our lives and never really complained so I thought I would see what happened on the spoons. So far I have had about the same amount of LDR's I would have had if I had been fishing trebles. The hook removal process, however, has been far easier. The time the fish are spending out of the water has been greatly reduced. Even the guys that have fished with me, who do not fish but once a year, still landed their salmon on both the siwash 4's and 6's. I'm not saying that this is the solution to any problems that may be occurring but those days of trying to get a hook out of a fishes mouth that has all three barbs embedded on the inside of its closed mouth should hopefully be gone for me. The size 4's I am watching closely as I think even those may still be big but the 6 did hold the fish and I don't think it would make it to the eyes if upturned. Just think of all those fly fisherman though, using hooks that are size 16, 18, 20, 22....they still catch pretty big fish on those little tiny hooks.

Re: Saturday Winni Report

theres no problems with the smaller hooks as for catching, you just need one that balances right with the lure your putting it on. my biggest bow, 5.5 was caught on either a 24 or 26 and ive reeled in carp near 20 pounds on a 24. a size 6 is plenty of hook on a salmon. ive been changing out the hooks slowly since last year when the trebles start bending or when i notice a db with those awkward bent in hooks that were on them a couple years back. for some reason the winni wonders i got in this year, most had trebles, not the huge single hook they had last year

Re: Saturday Winni Report

Good Job Link if we all follow your lead we will be well on our way to culling our Lake to Quality instead of beat up seconds... Nice Post

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