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Re: Thurs( fishing?) report

Bummer... check your boat for the yellow fruit.

What are the water temps looking like up there?

Re: Thurs( fishing?) report

Hey.A shout-out to 'Salty'aka 'Skunkmeat':
Thank you for that 'tour' you gave fishrod and I.We saw it all didn't we? 52 degree water,calm,rain,rough,
sun,the ledges at Diamond Island.The Peggy C is by far the nicest boat I've ever been on.You do make a fine presentation.The blessing of the rods you performed was pretty cool but you should have done it a few more times.Other recomendations would be:how about some country music?That boat is calling for an improvement in 'fung shway' too,how about clearing some of those lures off the dashboard {ugot2many)and making room for a Chia Pet or a jade plant.A photo of A.J. and Cal beside the flasher couldn't hurt either.
Oh well other than that,a real sweet ride.Thanks again
Skunkmeister.Even down here in Wolfesboro we catch a wormy Bass or something fishing the points and markers.
Best of luck at Lake Ontario,hit 'em hard and take care of yourself.Eat something a little better than
those granola bars and those 'skitz' pills you keep next to the marine radio.You haven't lived till you're looking for a place to put your half-eaten sandwich while a drag-clicker is screaming.
In the creation of this post no fish were wounded.
I'm off to mow the lawn,another small engine...Last but not least,a real pleasure meeting you Richard.

Re: Thurs( fishing?) report

It happens to the best of us! Still STINKS though!

Re: Thurs( fishing?) report

Winni water temp has been 49-52. (I think Easy Ed left a banana on the boat again)