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Re: EHF Website registration

EHF Newbie

EHF asks you to log in, register your player and team.. which i get, but what is the $50 registration fee for. Are you getting anything out of that for the registration (i.e. ability to see stats, rosters) or is this another league money grab.
Money grab.

Re: EHF Website registration

Direct quote from EHF regarding their merger: The USPHL and EHF organizations have each developed a complete player development model where, for the 2018/2019 season, boys will train, compete and enjoy the sport of ice hockey within their respective age group at the right competitive level. These programs go beyond the on-ice experience to include education, leadership and community service components to help foster a complete student-athlete. Upon completion of this process, the USPHL membership will consist of over 100-member organizations with 11,000 players spanning the ages of 6 through 20 and having a geographic reach that spans the complete Eastern Seaboard and expands west as far as Wisconsin.

That's a lot of money coming in at 50 bucks a piece.

Re: EHF Website registration

FED For LIFE…….as long as you pay your $50 yearly dues.